Review: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Tinted Moisturizer

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Tinted
Moisturizer & Concealer

Tinted moisturizer brings together some great benefits of skin care as well as a lightweight foundation for the all natural, luminous complexion.

Just what exactly do tinted moisturizers provide that conventional moisturizers don’t?

These types of moisturizers add a slight tint to match your complexion, making sure you have some sort of all natural un-made up appearance. A large amount of tinted moisturizers also come with additional SPF to protect your sensitive skin from environmental sun damage, an issue that is actually not found in nearly all foundations.

What do Tinted Moisturizers offer that Normal Foundations Don’t?

tinted moisturizerTinted moisturizers have a very good lightweight foundation. They give you a purely natural illuminating overall look instead of the seriously made-up appearance seen with conventional foundations. In the event you are accustomed to quite heavy cosmetics, this tends to require some getting used to.

However, a tinted moisturizer isn’t going to afford the facial flaw protection of a new common foundation.

Best Cream Consealer for dry skin

The Best Tinted Moisturizer or Best Cream Consealer for dry skin we have found is the Living Nature Tinted Moisturizer.  Of all the tinted moisturizers tested in our Review, Living Nature came out on top for the categories listed below:

  • Nature Hint of Color – Stays Fresher looking all day
  • Conceals more than than the others
  • Moisturizing without a Greasy Look or Feel
  • Available in More Than one color

What will be the Pros and Cons of Tinted Moisturizer?

Advantages of a Tinted Moisturizer:

* Light-weight protection, not a good heavy look

* A good number of provide SPF protection

* Features a good moisturizing lotion and makeup a single application

* Easy and quick to make use of

* The majority of last all day

* Included in varying shades to match each and every complexion

* 2 product treatments in 1 is less expensive

* A new tinted moisturizing lotion is actually made by a lot of cosmetic companies that means some sort of wide selection to choose from

Drawbacks of a Tinted Moisturizer:

* Won’t cover up zits and in addition conventional foundation

* May give gleaming visual appeal to skin

* May not deliver enough coverage for some women




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