Skin Absorption Times for Moisturizers

moisturizer on skinHow Long Does it Take for Moisturizer on Skin To Absorb Into The Skin?

Question 1-

My girlfriend is making me put moisturizer on skin and face after showering. How long does it take a moisturizer on skin to absorb? I also have to put another moisturizer on skin cream-type medication on before sleeping. Yet, there are only so many minutes of time between the end of a shower and bed time (I shower at night).

Question 2

How long does it take for the moisturizer on skin to effectively sink in, after which I can put on my other medication cream?


This moisturizer on skin absorbs at different rates depending on the type of skin on your body.  The human body has six different types of skin on its body; not only does the skin look and feel different, but it is different to serve the body for specific reasons.

The eyelids and genitals absorb at the highest rate – actually at 30%; therefore any creams or medication will be absorb very quickly and medicinal results happen quickly. The feet on the other hand, absorbs the least amount because the skin is thicker and tougher.  We need thicker and tougher skin on the feet because we wear shoes and walk on them.  Thin skin, such as the eyelids would tear too easily if it were on our feet.

Info Graphic of the Differrent Layers of the Skin

Skin Info Graphic

Different Skin Type Absorption Rate:

Here are absorption rates for various body parts!!!

  • Forearm absorbs 1%
  • Armpit absorbs 4%
  • Face absorbs 7%
  • Eyelids and genitals absorb 30%
  • Palm absorbs 0.1%
  • Sole absorbs 0.05%

More About Moisturizer AND Absorption Rates On The Skin

Our skin, the largest eliminatory organ in the body and our first line of immunity, is permeable to all chemicals. Medical research shows that significant amounts of cosmetic ingredients, moisturizer on skin, including carcinogenic substances, penetrate the moisturizer on skin and end up in the blood stream. Many chemicals in cosmetics don’t cause obvious signs of toxicity on the moisturizer on skin but slowly poison us thorough repeated use.

Rich, creamy moisturizer on skin take longer to absorb but are generally more effective than thin, fast-absorbing moisturizer on skin.

Others say , it may take so long, and others say it absorbs directly. But it only depends on the moisturizer on skin product that you are using.

Video Explaining The Absorption Rate of Your Skin

Best Medicated Non Scented Moisturizer for Damaged Skin

moisturizer on skinDry Skin Cream Moisturizer The Best Moisturizer! Fast- Absorbing Moisturizer on Skin!

This medicated moisturizer on skin is effective on all areas of the body and has healing properties in it.

Not only does it moisten the skin it also has long term healing effects.  Soothes the skin and helps to retain skin-cell growth all year round.

Keeps your skin moist and speeds the repair process during treatment.

Facts about Jergens Natural Glow

Facts About Skin Absorption Rate:

  • The cutaneous skin absorption rate of some organic compounds rises whe ntemperature or perspiration increases.  Therefore, skin absorption is higher  in warm climates or seasons.
  •  Lead has an extremely low skin absorption rate and the major risk is from organic forms of it.
  • Although Tretonin or Retin A has a low skin absorption rate it has been liked to retinoid embryopathy in four published cases.
  • The products have a light texture without whitening, have a high skin absorption rate with high hydration properties and make for very stable emulsions.
  • Despite their years of use, animal-based studies of skin absorption rate have never been properly validated to establish their relevance to people.
  • Examples of factors needed to complete dose calculations include breathing rate, skin absorption rate, ingestion rate, internal absorption rate, elimination, and repair rates.
  •  Skin absorption is extremely important to pearl powder when it is employed by cosmetics or applied to skin directly for it decisive to effectiveness and cost.
  • With Ca2+ as the marker, tests revealed that the skin absorption rate of Fenix NPP is dramatically higher (6 times) than that of micron pearl powder.  It is also currently available as a urethral suppository, sold under the name MUSE.
  • Drug formulations are similar to those listed above for injections, except that the concentrations are higher for iontophoresis, mostly because the skin absorption rate is usually about 1% of the concentration of the solution.




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