How do I get rid of my dog flaky skin?

dog flaky skinGet Rid of Dog Flaky Skin

She has the worst dog flaky skin. Looks like a horrible case of dandruff. My dog flaky skin is mainly around her back/butt area. I added Missing Link to her diet for the Omegas but it doesn’t seem to help. Any suggestions?

Depending on what breed of dog you have it could be prone to skin problems like dog flaky skin. You need to take it to the vet and see if it could have a yeast infection of the skin that caused dog flaky skin. Also check what kind of shampoo you are using. Try a dog shampoo that conditions. And be sure you are getting all the soap off too. If she is itching really bad and scratching a lot then it could be an allergy. Possibly some sort of plant that is in bloom or a food allergy. Take it to the vet

Reasons of Dog Flaky Skin

Often, dog flaky skin is the result of overbathing or bad food.

1. Overbathing: Dog flaky skin maybe a result of overbathing. If you wash your dog more than every 4-6 weeks, stop. Author shampoo more frequently than this, you are stripping the natural oils that keep skin healthy which results to dog flaky skin. This can lead to dry dog flaky skin.

2. Diet: the most commonly available dog foods are very poor, and many dogs have wheat or soy allergy that may lead to dog flaky skin. A change in diet can improve the condition of the skin and hair and prevent dog flaky skin. Check the dog food because it improper dog food may lead to dog flaky skin. Contains wheat, corn, soy or non-specific by-products? If so, it’s time for a change. Check out brands like Wellness, Innova, Canidae, Solid Gold, Blue Buffalo, and Eagle Pack Holistic. PetSmart carry Blue Buffalo and the PETCO transported Wellness and Solid Gold, I believe, if you want to store large retail chain stores instead of local power. Yes, these products cost a little ‘more, but because they are full of “fillers” dog eat much less volume of essays, so as to leave almost the same price as the food of inferior quality, when the adjustment period is over.

If a good diet and reducing the frequency of the baths do not affect dog flaky skin, it’s time for a visit to the vet to rule out other causes.


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