You Can Improve Your Health With Dark Chocolate

For quite awhile there has been a argument that involves better health for women when  consuming dark chocolate. This bitter type of chocolate has made people sit up and listen, since various studies have taken place, with this somewhat less popular chocolate.

Throughout the history of chocolate there have been many who have ranted and raved about the benefits of consuming chocolate.  This has perpetually and consistently been the case for hundreds of years, with dark chocolate considered the best.

What is it about dark chocolate that offers these health benefits and why does milk chocolate not have the identical benefits or the same respect when it comes to this issue.

Milk chocolate contains milk or milk products and dark chocolate does not which is the main difference between the two. You will fine mainly fat in milk chocolate and less amounts of the active ingredient that is widely promoted in dark chocolate. On the other hand, dark chocolate contains a larger quantity of cocoa than a milk chocolate bar does and therefore, will have more flavonoids in it. It is these flavonoids that have been determined to be the beneficial part of the dark chocolate bar.  You might be asking yourself what are flavonoids?

Flavonoids have an active ingredient that is referred to as epicatechin and it is this particular ingredient that is particularly beneficial for the heart.  It has been proven that it will decrease the ability of cholesterol to from gathering inside many blood vessels. This in turn reduces blood clots from forming within the free flowing blood and therefore blood clots are less likely to form. It is those very same blood clots that harbor and creates the inability of blood to make its way to the heart and subsequently causing a heart attack.

Still, more is not necessarily better in this case and by simply eating more dark chocolate does not mean that one is obtaining more of these flavonoids. Therefore, the maximal recommended daily intake of dark chocolate to have and or benefit from these health assurances is 1.4 oz. As with most things, more will most likely have adverse effects considering that it is laced with huge calories and full of sugar.

Take note, that you must eat healthy, exercise daily,  and incorporate a good goal setting strategy, to truly see any benefits.  By simply eating dark chocolate you are not guaranteed that you will not have health issues.

The fact that chocolate is a plant, this seems to be a good start on the amount of vegetables and fruits that are to be consumed on a daily basis.

When other measures are combined to your improve your health, yes, the health benefits of dark chocolate have been documented quite well and can have some assistance in the benefits of a healthy heart .

Being a lover of chocolate myself, this is great news.