What is the best moisturizing cream for dry skin?

I have a dry skin problem that surfaces every couple of days now. I was wondering, what is the best moisturizing cream?

I’ve tried:

– Dove
– Olay
– Vaselene
– Aveeno

Anyways, most of them seem relatively equal in effectiveness – they are reasonably effective in the short term, but the dry skin keeps on coming every couple of days.

They all claim to be loaded with Vitamin E, some with B1, B2, and A.

But which cream is the best one for chronic dry skin? Is it one I haven’t tried yet, or are they all relatively equal?

You have to use moisturizers consistently in order to prevent dry skin. If you aren’t using them every day, begin to do that and see if it helps.

Also, try to figure out if there’s any common factor among the days when your skin flares up. Is there a connection between the dry skin and a certain type of food, article of clothing, skin care product, etc.? Perhaps you are sensitive to something in your environment.

Try taking Omega 3 capsules – they are great for your body, and help prevent dry skin from the inside out.

Avoid any moisturizer that includes alcohol, especially scents. Look for unscented, hypoallergenic options, especially those that are all natural.