Kevin Arnold Should Have Found the Best Treatment for Acne

“The Wonder Years” is, without question, one of my most revered television shows around. The coming-of-age tale is one that I am very much attracted to. In my mind, the show was even better since it was able to take legitimate teenage and child-like worries and portray them in a realistic way on the show. Kevin Arnold went through such worries, though one episode made me feel as though he needed to invest in the best treatment for acne.

The episode in question was cleverly titled, “The Pimple.
.” Kevin learns that old family friends of theirs, the Pruitts, are coming to visit and Kevin’s attention immediately goes to the picture of Gina Pruitt. As he’s set to tackle the day, Kevin learns that he is the victim of the common teenage blemish, a zit. The rest of the episode shows him either hiding the pimple or attempting to clean it by any means necessary. It’s a common teenage problem that was handled with a good blend of comedy and realism.

To say that Kevin’s actions were as relatable as the fact that he simply sprouted a zit is pretty much a given. If he wasn’t rigorously scrubbing at the pimple in question, he was actually trying to squeeze it in order to get it off. As someone who’s done such a thing numerous times, it’s the worst choice to go about. There are more sound decisions to make on the matter, though.

Sometimes the best solution you can look to is one that you may not be able to find at a store. Natural remedies have proven to be useful, such as honey masks or a simple heightening of fruit in the diet. However, for someone who desires the best treatment for acne imaginable, it may be worth noting those solutions which contain authentic ingredients. Companies such as Probiotic Action endorse the usage of such components and they certainly sprout great results.

Matters, just like Kevin’s face, ultimately became blemish-free in a situation that is characteristic of TV shows like these. I believe it has to be taken into account, though, just how many problems acne can cause to one’s self-esteem. The issues were characterized well in the show, even if they weren’t up to the scale of drinking, for example. If your face became like Kevin Arnold’s for a time, you won’t have to put up with it for long since solutions are well within reach.

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