About Us
Our Company Is Run By Women

Because our company is run by women, we are first to know that the way you look is how you feel about yourself. Everyone in the industry understands this concept.  Because there are over 55,000 beauty products out there and 4,000 product brands being marketed to women, its hard for us to decide what is REALLY the best products.  There is over $6 Billion dollars being used on advertising and we all know its about how a product is marketed and not if it really works.  What really is the best; thats where we come in.

We understand your frustration. We spent hundreds of hours speaking to women just like you. What did they all tell us? That they’re overloaded with conflicting product information and claims! Until now, there was no place to find unbiased reviews and opinions about the multitude of products on shelves and online. What we found was that while friends and family are trusted and reliable resources, they are often limited in the expertise they can provide. Women wanted to know: What will work for me? What won’t? Why? And, most importantly, how? How do I get the results I am looking for? Clearly, beauty advice needed a makeover!

Since the launch of Best-Dry-Skin-Cream.com, you now have that resource — a totally unbiased and comprehensive beauty expert available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Best-Dry-Skin-Cream.com’s commitment to this purpose starts with having stringent requirements on how we provide product reviews. Driven by the same strict principles as the most respected consumer-advocacy organizations, we are never influenced by manufacturers, advertisers or partners. Best-Dry-Skin-Cream.com was founded on a firm conviction that an honest, opinionated review — positive or negative — is the only way to serve our users. We house the first and largest unbiased product review directory, spanning the most well-known names. We start at your local drugstore shelf and end at the most exclusive boutiques. Our commitment continues by offering you the ability to totally personalize product recommendations to match your needs and preferences.

Every day at Best-Dry-Skin-Cream.com, we strive to expand our knowledge and experience in order to better provide you with the most unbiased, comprehensive and useful resource for all things beauty. It’s a responsibility we take seriously. Tell us what you think. Are we doing it right? How can we be an even better resource for you? E-mail us here.